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Troubleshooting Sage X3 SVG Folder Configuration


At times, your server installation may suffer from a lack of space, preventing the execution of DOSEXTRA.

Your cloud partner might demand recurring payments for a simple disk extension.

Meanwhile, you have several other disks with available free space.


The management console and Sage X3 cannot directly read remote standalone SVG folders.

You can only reference existing folders, solutions, or subfolders within them.

Sage X3 console


- You need administrative access to the server.


- Delete the SVG folder.

- Create a new SVG folder in a location with available disk space (e.g., E:\REMOTESVG).

- Execute the following command line:

mklink /J D:\SageX3\X3T\Dossiers\[FOLDER]\SVG E:\REMOTESVG

Junction created for D:\SageX3\X3T\Dossiers\[FOLDER]\SVG <<===>> E:\ REMOTESVG

This creates a folder link, not a shortcut, pointing to the destination.

The type remains "file folder."


This approach leverages the Command Line Windows standard mklink function to trick the console.

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