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Document Download in Sage X3 Using 4GL Language


Sage X3 developers can enhance the user experience by facilitating the download of existing documents from the server. In this article, we will explore a method to accomplish this task using the 4GL language.

Download Instructions

Use the code below to send a download instruction for a specific document:

    Local Char    YPARBOUT(250)(1..20)
    Local Char    YVALEUR

    PARMSK(0) = "[ATT]\ACR_TEST.pdf" : YVALEUR = PARMSK(0)

This code uses the action ASYRVISU to process the download instruction for the document ACR_TEST.pdf located in a server directory.

This method simplifies the download process as volumes are natively managed.


By incorporating these instructions into your Sage X3 application, you can optimize document downloads and improve the efficiency of your processes. Remember to customize the code according to your specific needs and refer to the Sage X3 documentation for more details.

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