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Troubleshooting Sage X3 Folder Validation Errors



You are in the process of creating or importing a new folder using the function Parameters > General parameters > Folders (GESADS) or via Sage X3 Console.


Action 1: When you attempt to validate the folder, you encounter:

Error 1: Error No 76

[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Login failed for user …

Error 1 Screenshot

Action 2: If you try to validate again, you encounter:

Error 2: The version number of the folder is incorrect

Error 2 Screenshot

Understanding the Issue:

When you create a folder in Sage X3, the software also generates all necessary database elements such as users, tables, and schemas. When you validate, a creation SQL script is generated containing credential information. Sometimes these credentials are missing or erased in the console, affecting the script's execution.

Script Generation Log

If the script can't execute due to missing passwords, Sage can't complete database creation. This halts the installation and leaves residual data in the installation directory and database, leading to the second validation error.


  1. Clean the Sage X3 Installation Folder:

    This step is crucial if you wish to retain the same folder name, especially if it's already corrupted.

    Use this .bat script or manually execute the commands:

    @echo off
    @RD /S /Q "[INSTALLATION]\Dossiers\[FOLDER]"
    @RD /S /Q "[INSTALLATION]\Dossiers\X3_PUB\[FOLDER]"
  2. Clean the Database:
    • Delete the user associated with the error folder.
    • Delete the schema of the error folder.
    • Delete all components related to the error folder.
  3. Correct Master Password in Sage X3 Console:

    This password should match the “Password for X3 folders schemas” below.

    Console Password Setting 1
  4. Re-Enter Information in the “Solution” Tab:

    “Instance sysadmin user password” should match the sa user password.

    Password for X3 folders schemas should be set as “tiger” by default (can be changed).

    Console Password Setting 2
  5. Copy, Create, or Import Your Folder:

    You can now proceed with the folder process using the GESADS function or the console.

  6. Adjust Print Server Settings:

    To ensure continued functionality for the new folder, set the password for the print server after creation (step 3).

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