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In-Depth Exploration of the New Container Management Feature in Sage X3


The recent update to Sage X3 introduces a container management feature that revolutionizes how businesses handle their storage operations. This feature offers significant advantages in terms of operational efficiency and traceability. In this technical article, we'll delve into the details of container management in Sage X3, examining how it works and how it can be implemented to enhance stock management.

Key Features:

The container management feature allows associating items with specific containers, making tracking and management effortless. Containers can be identified with unique codes and linked with information such as capacity and locations. This feature also allows grouping multiple items within a single container, streamlining order preparation and receiving processes.

Enhanced Traceability:

Each container and its content are closely linked, facilitating traceability of items from entry into the warehouse to their exit. This feature is particularly useful for tracking batch numbers and expiration dates, ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing risks.

Integration with Existing Processes:

Container management seamlessly integrates into Sage X3's existing processes. It can be configured to work with receiving, storing, and order preparation processes. Users can utilize container codes to quickly locate items, speeding up operations while reducing errors.

Operational Benefits:

This feature optimizes storage space usage by providing information about available capacity in each container. Managers can make more informed decisions about allocating items to storage locations. Furthermore, container management simplifies day-to-day operations, reducing the time required to locate and handle items.


Container management in Sage X3 offers an innovative approach to improving stock management and enhancing operational efficiency. By associating items with specific containers and providing enhanced traceability, this feature addresses the needs of businesses aiming to optimize their storage processes. For those seeking to leverage these benefits, container management in Sage X3 deserves a thorough exploration.

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