Availability of Plugin X3

Plugin X3 shall make its best efforts to make the download of Addons accessible from its website 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, without interruption other than that required for the curative and evolving maintenance of Plugin X3. The Customer’s attention is specifically drawn to the fact that the Plugin X3 is, like any website, and more generally like any IT application, likely to suffer malfunctions, anomalies, errors or interruptions. Plugin X3 provides no specific guarantees to the Customer regarding the uninterrupted operation of Plugin X3 and the Account. Plugin X3 accepts no performance obligations in terms of service levels, whether for time to service or fix. In this regard, Plugin X3 accepts only a best efforts obligation. Plugin X3 cannot guarantee that a fix can be found for reported incidents and issues.

Access to Plugin X3

The use of Plugin X3 is reserved for people acting on a professional basis, for purposes that fall within their commercial, industrial, artisanal or self-employed activity, individuals of legal age or emancipated minors, who have full legal capacity. In order to download Plugin X3, the Customer must first register on Plugin X3 website, following the procedure that is indicated for this purpose. The registration on Plugin X3 website is free and without any obligation to purchase. The Customer is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his login details. He is deemed to be the only person to have and to use them. Plugin X3 waives any responsibility in case of the use of Plugin X3 by a person, other than the Contributor or a person authorized by him, who has his login details.

Download of Addons

The Customer may consult the functionalities of Addons on Plugin X3. For further information, the Customer may contact Plugin X3 by email at the following address contact@pluginx3.com. Plugin X3 is not obliged to advise the Customer with regard to the suitability of an Addon for his needs, for which the Customer acknowledges to have been informed and has accepted. Plugin X3 does not undertake any commitment nor does it grant any guarantee, in particular relating to:

  1. The suitability of an Addon for the Customer’s needs;
  2. The use without any malfunction or anomaly of an Addon as, like any IT application, it is likely to be affected by malfunctions, anomalies or errors;
  3. The increase in the Customer’s turnover;
  4. The quality of any after-sales service which the Customer may set up for its own customers.