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The Impact of Cloud Computing on Sage X3 Debugger Tools


The Impact of Cloud Computing on Sage X3 Debugger Tools

Cloud computing has introduced significant changes in the landscape of Sage X3 debugger tools.

Challenges for Sage X3 Consultants

Sage X3 consultants often face challenges when attempting to establish a debug connection between Eclipse and Sage X3.

These challenges can be attributed to the complexity of network configurations. If you're encountering difficulties related to "infbox" in your code, read on to understand the context and find a workaround.

Before Cloud Computing:

Prior to the cloud era, both Eclipse and Sage X3 resided on the same network, allowing seamless communication between them.

Network Before Cloud

Challenges with Cloud Computing:

In the present day, cloud computing involves two distinct networks connected through a VPN and enhanced security measures that can restrict access to the debug port.

Network with Cloud Computing

Steps to Overcome the Challenges:

1) Resolve Network Issues:

Ensure that firewalls on both ends allow communication through TCP port 10000 (or your chosen debugger port). Test the connection using the command: Telnet [IP] [Port]

Telnet Test

If successful, you'll see a blank screen; otherwise, an error message will appear.

2) Configure Sage X3 for Debugging:

If you have a static IP, set up debugger parameters directly in Sage X3. For dynamic IPs, no Sage X3 configuration is needed. Setup can be done at various levels: Folder, Legislation, or User. Enter your IP in Sage X3 under Parameter Definitions.

Sage X3 Debug Setup

3) Eclipse Configuration:

If Sage X3 parameters are set correctly, Eclipse will automatically fetch this data. Click the icon to verify communication between Sage and Eclipse.

Eclipse Configuration

4) Binding Eclipse with Sage X3:

Bind specific Sage X3 web sessions to Eclipse. Select the session and attach.

Binding Eclipse with Sage X3

5) Debugging with Sage X3 through Eclipse:

Switch between Sage X3 actions and Eclipse to proceed with debugging. Sage X3 will pause due to breakpoints set in Eclipse.

Debugging with Sage X3 through Eclipse
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