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How to connect an external database in Sage Enterprise Intelligence with an identifier containing a dot ?


Handling Database Identifiers with Dots in Sage Enterprise Intelligence

Sometimes, databases contain special characters like dots in their identifier names. This can lead to challenges, particularly when working with Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI). In SEI, certain special characters might not be handled well. Here's a workaround to address this issue:

The Problem:

Sage Enterprise Intelligence doesn't handle identifiers containing dots well, and using double quotation marks or brackets can lead to confusion between schema names and identifier parts.

Image 1

The Solution:

The workaround involves utilizing SQL Server's views:

  1. Create a new database identifier without special characters:

Image 2

  1. In this new database, create a view based on the original database's table:
CREATE VIEW Example_Table_Threw_View AS
SELECT * FROM [external.db].dbo.Example;

Image 3

  1. Connect the new database identifier as a new data source in SEI:

Image 4

Testing the Solution:

Finally, verify the functionality using a simple process:

Image 5

By creating a view in a new database with a conventional identifier, you can overcome SEI's limitations in handling special characters. This workaround offers a clean and effective way to work with database identifiers containing dots.