Plugin X3 was founded in 2020 by BI2ERP. a company passionate about Sage technologies.

After 10 years in the consultancy industry developping specifics, they realised that some specific may be recycled and may respond to other indutry needs.

So they decided to sell packaged plug and play modules

Plugin X3

Modules adapted to Sage ERP software can be found on the website.

These products enable the end user to add plug and play features to their Sage products.

The PluginX3.com website and the modules sold by BI2ERP are managed by developers at the heart of Sage solution guaranteeing a quality level equal to the editor one.

Each module sold on PluginX3.com has been tested and validated by the team.

All the products offered by PluginX3.com are regularly updated in order to satisfy the needs of our users and to respect the strictest security and compatibility standards.