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Sage X3 and link folders

Sometimes your installation server lack of space and you are not able to execute DOSEXTRA.

Your cloud partner is asking recurring money for a simple disk extension.

And you have several other disk available with free space.

Problem :

The management console nor Sage X3 is natively able to read remote standalone SVG folder

You can only call an existent folder or solution and a sub folder of them.

Pre-requisite :

- You need to have access to the server with adminitrative rights

Solution :

- Delete the SVG folder

- Create a new SVG folder elsewhere you have free disk space (example : E:\REMOTESVG)

- Execute the following command line

mklink /J D:\SageX3\X3T\Dossiers\[FOLDER]\SVG E:\REMOTESVG

Junction created for D:\SageX3\X3T\Dossiers\[FOLDER]\SVG <<===>> E:\ REMOTESVG

This will create a folder pointing to the destination and not a shorcut.

The typer remains « file folder »

In that way you are tricking the console with the Command Line Windows standard mklink function.

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